Wide Distribution – Bookstore Listing (Sales Channels)

FastPencil is the only channel-agnostic publishing platform, that converts your one project into multiple Print book and E-Book formats instantly. 

The publication bundles are distributed to the FastPencil Marketplace, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and nook, Apple's iBookstore and Ingram's Digital Network (hundreds of domestic and international channels) for up to 3 years. 

Outside of the FastPencil Marketplace, it’s important to remember that FastPencil has limited control over which book retailers actually list your ISBN title, i.e. we place your title in catalogs, and it’s up to the retailers to fetch and list them for sale on their websites. If you have further questions about your book in wide distribution, note the page size, binding type and if the interior is printed in color & send an email to support@fastpencil.com for further information.


Suggested article: HOW TO KEEP TRACK OF YOUR LISTING WITH GOOGLE ALERTS, http://support.fastpencil.com/hc/en-us/articles/204839095


ADDITIONAL SALES CHANNELS, not limited to this listing:


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