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FastPencil Support January 20, 2012 FastPencil Central / Announcements

Corporate office hours are: M-F 9am-5pm PDT (Campbell, CA) (-0700UTC)

Support office hours are: M-F 9am-5pm PDT (Campbell, CA) (-0700UTC)


FastPencil Support May 15, 2013 Marketing and Promotion / Social Media Marketing

Once you have published your book using FastPencil, our tool automatically generates a snippet of HTML code we call the "Book Buy Widget". The instructions below will walk you through embedding your widget on your Facebook page.

1. Once you are logged into Facebook go to your own home page. From your home page click the link that says "More" (with a drop down arrow) right below your cover photo.

2. From this drop down select the "Notes" option.

3. Once at the "Notes" page click the "+ Add Note" button in the upper right hand corner.

4. Enter a Title and a short blurb about your book. You could use the summary or description in your current publication.

5. Copy and paste the "Book Buy Widget" HTML from your Marketplace publication page into the "Notes" field. Then add any photos or tags that you would like to the Note and Publish it.

6. Once it is published click the "View my notes." link in the yellow box that appears at the top of the page. This link will take you to Notes overview page.

7. Click on the Note that you just created to view it. From this page you can "Like", "Promote", "Comment" and "Share" your note.



FastPencil Support June 26, 2012 FastPencil Central / Announcements

FastPencil Support November 16, 2011 Marketing and Promotion / Print Distribution

Yes! When you order in bulk, your per unit price comes down. 
Part of the magic of FastPencil is that we can produce books on demand, so you don’t have to order more books than you need. But when you want to order a larger quantity of books, we're there for you, too. That's why we offer bulk order discounts that are automatically calculated at the time of purchase:

50 books = 10% discount 
100 books = 15% discount 
250 books = 25% discount 
500+ books = 30% discount 

To realize your author price and bulk order discount: 
1. Sign in to your account and think carefully about the number of books you want produced 
2. Add to cart 50 books or more 
3. Select the shipping option that best meets your needs 
4. Place order and let FastPencil supply the quantity you desire 
5. Sell your discounted books at seminars, events, appearances & more!


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